Frequently Asked Questions about ALTRAZEAL Transforming Powder Dressing
with nanoflex™ technology

  • 1. Why is ALTRAZEAL a powder? I’ve never used or heard of a powder dressing before?

    ALTRAZEAL is composed of powder particles that are the result of rigorous research and development where the product has been engineered to provide transformational wound-healing benefits. This precise scale and proportion is designed to provide optimal oxygen and moisture vapor transpiration, as well as microbial impermeability, tensile strength, and flexibility.

    Upon contact with exudate, the ALTRAZEAL powder particles aggregate to form a moist, flexible film and an intimate contact with the wound bed. No other dressing is known to conform so closely to the wound bed on a microcellular level. Although the precise mechanism of action has not been determined, it is believed that this close contact and high moisture vapor transpiration rate (MVTR) creates a low pressure at the interface between the dressing and wound bed that stimulates the formation of healthy granulation tissue.

  • 2. What should I do if the uniform moist wound dressing has not formed within the first few minutes after application of the ALTRAZEAL powder?Click for the answer

    Gently mist or drip sterile normal saline or equivalent over the surface of the ALTRAZEAL powder. Mist the saline solution at about 6 inches from the surface or drip saline near the wound edge and allow droplets to settle into the powder.

    For complete application instructions, application-demo or download the “How to Apply” instructions for health care professionals or the “How to Apply” instructions for patients.

  • 3. Does ALTRAZEAL require a secondary dressing?Click for the answer

    ALTRAZEAL does not require a secondary dressing unless determined to be necessary. Petroleum-based dressings and occlusive or surface contact adhesives should be avoided. If a secondary dressing is required, a non-adhesive, vapor-permeable dressing is preferred such as J&J Non Stick 2x3 Pads, Telfa, Telfa Clear, Conformant 2 (Veil), Gauze, Foam Dressings, or Wound Contact Layer (WCL).

  • 4. How long can ALTRAZEAL remain in place on the wound?Click for the answer

    ALTRAZEAL can remain in place up to 30 days as long as the wound produces exudate. The wound should be inspected for infection, inflammation, excessive bleeding or fluid, odor, and irritation. The dressing should be changed or removed if clinically necessary.

  • 5. Can ALTRAZEAL be applied with an oil-based product present?Click for the answer

    No; oil-based products, particularly ointments, salves, or other treatments, will prevent optimal hydration and aggregation at the wound surface. ALTRAZEAL should be applied with sterile normal saline or similar product, if necessary.

  • 6. What happens to the dressing when the wound heals?Click for the answer

    ALTRAZEAL will remain intimately in contact with the wound surface until the skin underneath heals. At that point, the dressing will detach and flake off in particles similar to a scab.

  • 7. Can patients shower while ALTRAZEAL dressing is in place?Click for the answer

    Yes, but patients should be advised to take special care to avoid soaking the dressing. Patients should be advised not to allow the dressing to be immersed underwater for any amount of time, as it may come off.

  • 8. Can ALTRAZEAL be used on an infected wound?Click for the answer

    ALTRAZEAL is most effective when used on exuding, non-infected wounds. See Full Prescribing Information for indications and contraindications.

    ALTRAZEAL can be used on wounds with infection only under medical supervision with appropriate therapy and frequent monitoring. While ALTRAZEAL provides no antimicrobial activity to reverse infection, ALTRAZEAL does provide a protective barrier that is impermeable to microbes. Best practices for the preparation of infected wounds, including debridement, should be performed before ALTRAZEAL is applied. Health care professionals should always follow their institution’s protocol.

    For information about ALTRAZEAL Silver, click here

  • 9. How is ALTRAZEAL removed from the wound bed?Click for the answer

    While ALTRAZEAL can remain on the wound for up to 30 days, if it is deemed necessary to remove the dressing, thoroughly saturate the dressing with sterile normal saline or equivalent until softened, and remove with forceps or a similar instrument.

  • 10. How is ALTRAZEAL supplied?Click for the answer

    ALTRAZEAL is supplied as a sterile white powder in a single-use, sterile foil-laminate pouch. It is available in either 2-gram or 5-gram pouches. The 2-gram pouch will cover approximately a 6 inch x 6 inch area (15 cm x 15 cm), while the 5-gram pouch will cover approximately a 10 inch x 10 inch area (25 cm x 25 cm).

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