Skin Grafts

ALTRAZEAL is most effective when used on exuding, non-infected wounds. See Full Prescribing Information for indications and contraindications. Health care providers should always follow their institution’s protocol.

Transforming treatment in skin graft procedures

ALTRAZEAL Transforming Powder Dressing can act as a temporary covering to promote granulation tissue prior to skin grafting

Skin graft sites

The unique structure and physical material properties of ALTRAZEAL make it an ideal dressing choice in trauma that requires new tissue development prior to skin grafting. Initial introduction of ALTRAZEAL has been shown to build a robust granulation bed while protecting and sealing the underlying trauma wound. This type of granulation bed with highly vascularized tissue allows for greater success in the outcome of subsequent skin graft procedures.1

Autograft donor sites

In autograft procedures, the donor site requires care to ensure the area remains free of contamination that can slow healing – particularly for larger areas. In patients with minimal unburned skin it is possible to use the same donor site more than once, after new skin has formed.2 Because donor sites are shallow wounds, ALTRAZEAL is ideal due to patient comfort and the fact that a secondary dressing may not be necessary, even under clothing. ALTRAZEAL can remain on this shallow wound and will flake off as the site heals.1 ALTRAZEAL may promote faster healing than the standard of care, minimizing risk and helping to renew the donor site.

When hydrated by exudate or sterile saline, the aggregated ALTRAZEAL powder forms an intimate contact with the surface of the wound bed. Although the precise mechanism of action has not been determined, it is believed that this close contact and high moisture vapor transpiration rate (MVTR) at the interface between the dressing and wound bed creates a negative pressure that stimulates the formation of granulation tissue.

In donor sites which have been treated with lidocaine/epinephrine injections prior to harvest, the high exudate flow may require the use of a secondary dressing when the MVTR of ALTRAZEAL has been exceeded with exudate volume. Once this period of high flow has subsided, use of a secondary dressing can be discontinued.

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