Surgical Wounds

Transforming surgical wounds

ALTRAZEAL offers proven benefits to promote closure and healing after surgery.

ALTRAZEAL provides a high moisture vapor transpiration rate (MVTR), letting oxygen in and vapor from exudate out, while remaining impermeable to bacteria that can cause post-operative infection. The dressing is flexible and usually requires no secondary dressing, making it a comfortable, patient-friendly choice.

  • ALTRAZEAL can be used successfully in wounds with a very large surface area, promoting healthy granulation tissue to facilitate successful skin grafting.
  • In cases where the surgical wound site is located where there is a greater risk of infection or self- infection (surgical wounds adjacent the bowel, for example) a secondary dressing can be used over ALTRAZEAL, as long as vapor transpiration is not compromised. A non-adhesive, vapor-permeable dressing is preferred, and petroleum-based dressings and occlusive or surface contact adhesives should be avoided.